TheFeel is born from a passion for design that enhances the artistry and expressivity of the human gesture and at the same time the purity and functionality of the object. So we can make this beauty our own.

What it is

The beauty of order and design

TheFeel is a high-quality analogue tablet for handwriting and drawing enthusiasts. A board with a pen, a mechanical pencil and a clip inside, all perfectly integrated and anchored to the tablet by an ingenious system of internal magnets. Thanks to this, there is no risk of losing any of the components.

What it looks like

The finesse of Italian craft


Elegance and efficacy in perfect harmony

TheFeel's minimalist design celebrates the elegance of the essential. All superfluous elements have been eliminated and the shapes reduced to their purity, in a process of simplification that enhances linearity and beauty. Each component respects the harmony of the whole without losing functionality.

Made in Italy

The prestige of true Made in Italy enriches TheFeel with added value. The workmanship is made in Italy with the know-how and attention to detail that have always characterised Italian products. This is combined with the refinement and class that characterise the past and present of Made in Italy.


Uniqueness and accuracy

M Thesign products are manufactured with extraordinary attention to detail and high-precision machinery. In addition, there is a high degree of craftsmanship in the finishing of each individual TheFeel, making it a unique piece.


Pen & Pencil



The connection between nature and life

The sustainability of TheFeel is guaranteed by the use of eco- friendly materials: wood and metal. We use precious woods such as santos rosewood, erable, olive and bubinga, finely sliced to a thickness of just 0.7 millimetres, with a beech core to ensure strength and durability.

The pen and mechanical pencil are made of aluminium and stainless steel, metal alloys that have an unlimited lifespan without any treatment.

User experience

The poetry of drawing and writing on paper

A plus of TheFeel is that it combines elegant design with an excellent degree of usability, which will have a positive impact on the daily experience of using handwriting and drawing devices. The high level of functionality reduces stress and enables intensive use without losing the pleasure of use.


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