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M Thesign is a design studio born from a deep passion for aesthetics and excellence. Founded at the end of 2022 by Mattia Mesaglio, it aims to create office and leisure products characterised by a minimalist and elegant design, combined with a careful attention to the quality of craftsmanship and the use of noble materials, in the spirit of Made in Italy.

At M Thesign, we believe that a well-designed object can transform people's everyday experiences and improve their lives both at work and at leisure. We strive to find innovative and intuitive solutions to meet the needs of our customers with a design that embraces elegance without compromising usability.

We are proud to carry forward the value of Italian craftsmanship and are committed to offering the highest quality products that reflect our commitment to excellence. Every detail of our creations is treated with the utmost attention to provide our customers with a rewarding user experience.

M Thesign is the embodiment of passion, attention to detail and love for design. We are determined to improve everyday experiences with our creations in the light of functionality and elegance.

Mattia Mesaglio is the founder and designer of M Thesign. In addition to designing objects, he works as a graphic designer and specialises in creating logos and brand identities.
He is a lover of lettering, calligraphy and typography, basically all writing disciplines.
He is passionate about creating products that are not only beautiful to look at, but also incredibly functional and practical. Functionality and user-friendliness of products are two of the basic principles of his creations.


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